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What about the Pod?

So you are probably thinking, what's the Pod about?

Since forever, we - at ALT There we have loved film! And we mean LOVE it!!!

Whether it's Christopher Nolan's purposeful low volume in 'Tenet', the stamina testing 4 hour 'Snyderverse Justice League', the rollercoaster of storytelling from films such as; 'The Mule', '12 years a slave', or 'Falling'... the incredible animation/ creativity of 'Soul' , the absurdity of 'The Other Guys', 'Anchorman' or the divisiveness of the Star Wars Sequels ... we - The Alt There Team - discuss it all!

We provide an ALTernative view on Film whether it be Theories, Story Telling, Spin Offs, Canon, Character arc's, film Development or just goofing around with bad jokes, impressions and hypotheticals.

This whole thing was created so we can share our love of film (and goofing about) with you! I hope you enjoy the show, the reviews and hope we can all have a laugh along the way!

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