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Welcome to Alt There , the Podcast that cares (too much) about Movies.

Many Years ago before the age of time , way before the Maccabees , Moses and the artist formerly never known as prince... there was an unfortunate chemical spill which in some ways magnetised the earths gravitational pull towards a very large Asteroid! It was in the midst of this horror that the Alt There Podcast Team was born . With a Penship for flombouteury (olde timey wordy!) and joking about movie theories they naturally were unprepared for Earth and hibernated under a large stone like crevette where they evolved into the ultimate Podcast Team over just about 66 Billion Years! Now they are here in the present ... You're Welcome! I'm Sorry!


Here to bring you into their Love of Film and hopefully make some friends along the way , the Podcast is here to (hopefully) make you laugh , make you cry and bring as many people listening together to discuss , criticise and laugh over film, as it should be.


Tune in to our Show , Read Covertly our blogs , Gaze over our many whittled and bizarre film theories and absurdity as we dance like the rare Augustus Gabooboo Monkey (Native to Venuzeucombodia) and win prizes (terms and conditions may apply , especially if you do not unlock the golden Amulet of Nana Goose... often found in cold spores floating upon a tropic breeze ... Summer Breeeeeze! 

Seriously though , thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this as much as we do making it for you! 

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