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The OSCARS ... Explained!

The Oscars this year ( 2022! For those who are still trying to understand time and space! ), was eventful to say the least!

The Academy for a number of years now have been trying to understand the slow but sure decline of one of their greatest art and creative institutions which has impacted Film, Social and Aesthetic culture the world over. Has the Academy's, 'Oscars' had their last relevant moment at the 88th Oscars with Leonardo Dicaprio winning best Actor for The Revenant in 2016?! What is surely remembered ( for acting reasons, at least ) one of the most satisfying and exciting moments for film fans in recent times. The landscape thereafter seems to have taken a step back to reflect on cultural and societal impact(s) and has almost been forced (and rightfully so) to evaluate the way Oscar Awards are nominated and achieved.

Awards of any nature which are swayed by critical and casual opinion must always grow and learn with the audience, culture, and society around them. They must reflect difference, diversity, methodical fantasy and biopical or in circumstance, which 'should' inspire and add or even subtract value from the people whom have experienced them. Therefore reflection and adaptation is important for the Oscars and it must strive to find an equal balance in honouring film; in trailblazing, originality, perseverance and most importantly in heart.

This years event was certainly eventful, with the academy hoping to create relevance and opportunity by creating new awards, some of which the audience at home - could vote for and change the way the Oscars are delivered and represented to it's viewers, in a fresh new exciting way... hmm...

Let’s start the Oscars on a positive perhaps?! Ok! It all kicked off with an intimate, cozy…sexy…! Ok too far! It was a nice way to start the Oscars with an unaired, chilled Governors awards show on Friday night. Samuel L. Jackson, Elaine May and Liv Ullman were handed their honouree Oscars and Danny Glover received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Denzel Washington honoured Samuel L. Jackson in his typical charismatic and full of class style, Jackson reflected on his beginnings and thanked his team. The award is to acknowledge his body of work -and theres been plenty! Bill Murray introduced Elaine May with a clip reel and said some very lovely words about her as a person, May threw in some jokes. The academy is celebrating May whom as a rarity got a contract as director in the 1970’s, and wrote and directed films such as The Heartbreak Kid, Heaven Can Wait and Primary Colors. Danny Glover accepted his humanitarian award with a heartfelt and passionate speech, which many have advised to watch for yourselves. He was being honoured for his political activism as a labor advocate and UN ambassador. And last but not least, John Lithgow toasted Liv Ullman’s ‘’boundless capacity for empathy’’, in which followed with the Norwegian Actress delivered an emotional speech. Ullman was being honoured for her portrayals on screen in numerous Ingmar Bergman Films including Persona, Scenes from a Marriage, as well as directing features also herself.

Fun fact … I’m sure! Alfred Molina is also part of the Academy Governors! ... Now for the Live Show ...

With the attempt to make the Oscars 3 hours max. and the Oscars actually going over at 3hrs 40mins ... it seems a bit wasteful that the following awards were not given the main stage and instead cut to the awards 'pre-show' .

The Oscars Pre-Shows were hosted by 'Dunes' Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa and seemed rushed, lacking banter and ultimately felt like a denomination from the main awards show, and of course this naturally would. With the first time ever the Oscars Pre-Show taking place, this inevitably caused some outrage in the film industry. Steven Spielberg, Jane Campion, Denis Villeneuve and Guillermo del Toro denounced the plan, believing the affected categories look like a lower tier award for their triumphs in film. And indeed they were right, the preshow winners for Production Design, Editing, Original Score, and Sound (- which all went to 'DUNE' ) , Documentary Short ('THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL') , Makeup and Hairstyling ('THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE', Linda Dowds) , Animated Short ('THE WINDSHIELD WIPER'), and Live-Action Short ('THE LONG GOODBYE'). If you are wondering whyy we didn't put all the names in ... the answer is ... we didn't have the time ok!!! So what we have done is created a Pre-Blog, that you can view all the names and detail you need from there ok! ....ok!?! ...

Ultimately this wasn't received well! But the nominees were, albeit a shame for the fact that the reaction and adulation they would have received live in the actual live show, would have surely added more meaning and representative value to their wonderful work.

Noteworthy moments from this part of the ceremony that may have been missed, are Jenny Beavan outspoken criticism of Disney for allegedly using a 'Cruella' inspired fashion line, without Jenny's knowledge and Linda Dowds winning the award for best makeup, with Jessica Chastain making a special effort to arrive to the award ceremony, even if it meant missing the red carpet. It is also worth noting the Academy's Social media messed up royally, crediting Hans Zimmer with the best Film Editing award... when it is Joe Walker. The tech people also at the oscars kept messing up ... long graphical intros... cutting over poorly and jump cut editing from speeches to clip reels.

Also... Best Score ... was bumped to just a mention ... Hans Zimmer for Dune btw! This happened also for the sound and Production Design (Dune for both...)


So.... Yes the Oscars have started... you have your overzealous ridiculous celebrity goody bag and your champagne flute in hand ... we are ready to go!

As mentioned, it seemed this wasn't the slickest Oscars to ever grace our screens and the event had an utmost casual formality to the awards show! People were still dressed up to the 9's! ...but the presenting, the production and editing just seemed to be off a key... which is odd historically for an event like this one. But with times changing, maybe this is the vibe! Maybe the awards show is trying to create this casual atmosph.... OMG WILL SMITH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? ... Cough! Erm sorry where was I?!

There was music ... there was interviews with BTS for some reason, the teleprompter popped up in shot and Rachel Segler whom complained her way to the Oscars was revealed to have not been invited - NOT because she hadn't been invited, but actually because she was prescheduled to be filming Snow White ... so effectively they had to stop the entire production to ensure that Rachel could pop in to introduce something at the Oscars! ... I think it is worth noting also... that ABC the channel the Oscars is on, is owned by Disney .... so yes... there is that!

Hang on ... what did Disney movies win you ask! There is no conflict there... just calm down ok!

23 Oscar Nominations ...

Winners ...

Encanto - Best Song

Cruella - Costume Design

West Side Story / Ariana DeBose - Best Actress in a Supporting Role

2 Awards - The Eyes of Tammy Faye - Best Actress in a Lead Role / Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Summer of Soul - Best Documentary

6 Awards for Disney, much like a lot of awards we will all have to watch, listen and examine if they by personal opinion, warranted their win .

The Hosts

This year the ceremony doubled down on the lack of female hosts by appointing three to the task... Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall... from the content of jokes we have seen it didn't seem to go well! But equally so, there has been hosts before whom have done poorly at this event including James Franco (felt sorry for Anne Hathaway on this .... surely just give her free reign! Would be nice for her do one on her own in the future!) , Seth McFarlane, David Letterman (surprisingly), Chevvy Chase (expected), and Liza Minelli, Dudley Moore, Richard Pryor and Walter Matthau (unprepared).

What was a shame more than anything, is that a lot of the jokes seemed played out, same-ish, and some detracted from the films that the awards nominated. The chemistry between the hosts didn't seem to be there and in what was a casual Oscars events ceremony, it equally lead to a lack of interest and entertainment to the event.

The Fans Awards

For the first time ever, fans could vote for some new awards... and boy... did they!

Disclaimer: ... this was not a proper Oscar. We have no idea why they bothered!

And ... yes you guessed it ... Zach Snyder has twice the fans Disney do! SO .... the Snyderfans have spoken and beat out the competition! The Fans Movie of the year went to Army of the Dead, and the Flash entering the speed force was voted as the Best Movie moment of All time .... yes ... you read that correctly!

I think the two that we was most surprised about were Spiderman No Way home not winning potentially either and also Tick Tick Boom! not winning anything. But apparently the academy does not like Netflix according to the internet forums - which would make an interesting investigation!

The Smith Slaps the Rock ...Chris Rock!

Well, we got into one little fight and everyone got scared! And said you better be banned from the Academy for at least 10 or more years!

Where to even start with this one ...

Chris Rock was presenting the award for best documentary and riffing, getting some laughs... and ofcourse like most comedians and what is mostly expected at Oscar events, is some crowd work, some banter if you will! Chris starts riffing with Denzel Washington, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz... and then Chris Rock turns , looks at Jada and points across , 'Jada... I love ya, G.I. JANE 2 , Can't wait to see it!' , the crowd laughs, Will Smith laughs and claps his hands, Jada leans slightly and smiles in acknowledgement ... then recoils slightly ... seems to be over the joke, rolls her eyes which indicates to the room she does not like or appreciate it! Chris Rock thinks it's gone well, but almost surprised it's an issue, exclaims his hands out and laughs... 'It's just a .... THAT that was a nice one! Ok', a little taken back, is about to compose himself as he then see's Will Smith walking up, jacket open, arms wide of his body ... Will Smith walks up to Chris Rock and open palms slaps him on his left cheek... the audience going between thinking this is the show... to oh no! He ... Will Smith went and slapped that man... Chris Rock! Everyone is in shock ... when Will Smith repeats in anger the same line twice...'s not a joke anymore! It's serious! Chris Rock has been assaulted at the Oscars! And the crazyness kicks off from there! Will Smith whom is a terrific actor known around the world, has now got a question mark over him! His career and his personal life over the next couple of weeks are going to be called into question and scrutinized in the public eye. Questions are going to be asked if he should be escorted from the building and/or arrested! People will question everything, people will take sides and people will vindicate their opinion and double down on their principles and ethics as one of the (quite clearly) ridiculous moments on National television. Nobody is going to remember the winners, the nominees, the comedy, the show ... the film, and most importantly, the people who were involved in the films of that night, not to mention Will Smith's own.

This is where for most people , the Oscars 2022 ended. Will Smith would be punished with a 10 year ban from the Academy, Chris Rock would not press charges and is yet to elaborate on his experience. The curtain closes on the second least popular Oscars of all time ...


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